This thanksgiving is different. This is the first thanksgiving that I have ever been single. This is the first family holiday post separation. And honestly, I am thankful.

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    Target Tuesday vol. 2

    I’m super excited about this target Tuesday! The first official giveaway for my blog. I’m excited to announce that I have teamed up with a group of bloggers to give one lucky winner a $300 target gift card.

    Just in time for your holiday shopping, enter the giveaway HERE!

    Toddler Gift Guide 2018

    Kids can be tricky to shop for–whether it be your own child, your niece/nephew, godchild, grandchild, any sweet child in your life.  Here is a list of some great finds for the little cuties you may be shopping for. Some I have already purchased for my daughter and some are some gifts she will be getting from Santa this year!

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    Holiday Gifts for Her 2018

    Having trouble finding gifts for mothers, teenage or adult daughters, friends, or any female in your life? Look no further: here is a great list of products any woman would love.
    Use these as gift suggestions, or each item is conveniently linked for your shopping.

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    Target Tuesday vol.1

    Who doesn’t love Target? I know I go there way too frequently and purchase way too many things that I don’t need. So every Tuesday, I plan to share some of my favorite finds at Target.

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    DIY Leggings with NO Pattern

    One of my favorite things to do is to make my daughter clothing and accessories what you can’t find in store.  I recently started making her leggings with these fun prints I have found at fabric stores. Follow along to learn just how easy it is to make leggings with NO pattern.

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    Newbie Alert

    Everything in my current life is new. I am a semi new, first time mother to the most beautiful 16 month old little girl. I am newly single, after the end of my 6.5 year marriage. I have new hobbies; a total ammeter photographer because why not learn how to work my semi expensive camera and capture beautiful photos of my family and friends? I am searching for a new full time job so I can support my little girl. And I am new here, to the blogging world.
    I came here so I can sit down, think, and relax. I will be sharing products I love, I will be sharing adventures with my daughter, and I will be sharing how I navigate my new life as a single mother. Thank you for joining me.

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