6 Things I Do With My Toddler Everyday

    1. We eat meals together — eating together is important to me. It is more family time, it is great to teach her different foods, it is great to show her appreciation for others by saying please and thank you. I think it is important for her to see that I say please and thank you to others, and because of that, she says it too. Of course she signs it, and I taught her the signs, but soon when she is more verbal, she will know when it is appropriate to say it too.

    2. We do chores together — Daniel tigers clean up song works wonders. Who would of thought? “Clean up pick up put away, clean up, every day.” She knows the song is from Daniel tiger and of course loves it. Because she knows it is from something she loves, she is happy as can be while helping me clean up her toys. Having a nice toy box makes it easy for her to put all her things in one place.

    3. We read together — of course, she is more interested in looking at the pictures, lifting flaps, touching the textures. Books are such a great tool to help teach. She finds colors, finds characters,

    4. We go for walks–our daily walk around the neighborhood is something she enjoys. She loves to be outside, she loves look around, she loves having a change of pace.

    5. We have outdoor play — weather it be throwing a ball for the dogs, or going to the park, little miss loves to be outdoors. And I love to have her away from technology.

    6. We listen to music — Disney’s Pandora station is incredible. I have it on while I’m cooking, she can dance or independently play and do so happily. We dance to it. She mocks my singing. It helps with long car rides. The songs are familiar and bring her so much joy.

    The New Year

    I was so excited to kiss 2018 goodbye. It sure was a life changing year. We spent the whole year in our new home, California. I was so excited to show my little girl everything that mama did while growing up. I was and still am SO excited to raise her where I grew up.

    2018 was a year of change. One brother deployed, one brother came home. My husband left and never looked back.

    2019 is a new start. It is my new start. I am deciding to never look back. I know my worth, and I know myself and my daughter deserve so much more than what he gave us and what he offered us.

    2019 we are grateful and growing. 2019 we are engaging and emerging. 2019 we are are inspiring and inviting. 2019 we are beginning and becoming. 2019 we are learning and we are loving.

    12 Days of Christmas — Gift Exchange | part 2

    This was my first time doing a gift exchange with someone I haven’t met. We are given a $50 budget to and a little info on our partner. I was paired up with Angie from My So Called Chaos, she is also the person who set this gift exchange up! Things I learned about her prior to shopping: she is a first time mom to a little girl, she loves coffee, stationary, and the color teal. She likes warm scents and peppermint and is non religious but celebrates Christmas. With this info, I was able to find (what I think to be) a great selection of items.

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    Target Tuesday vol. 5

    This is a big one : holiday clearance schedule! Learn how to save up to 90% off after a holiday. With Christmas TOMORROW, these deals are coming soon. 

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    12 Things I love about Christmas

    1. The cute holiday outfits for my daughter.
    2. Seeing my daughter play in front of the Christmas tree.
    3. All the Christmas lights.
    4. (some) of the Chrismas music.
    5. Decorating. Seriously my FAVORITE.
    6. The cookies. Oh man, the cookies. (find my favorite Christmas Cookie recipe here.)
    7. Getting together with friends and family.
    8. The parades.
    9. The smell of Christmas trees.
    10. Buying little gifts for the important people in our lives.
    11. The coziness of it all.
    12. Creating new memories and traditions with my little girl.
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    Christmas Tree Farm

    We have a fake tree. We have always had a fake tree. But, there is something just SO amazing about a real Christmas Tree. I just don’t love the after Christmas clean up. 

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    Home Made Caramel Corn | Recipe

    This is so yummy and one of my favorite things to gift people during the holidays. Just place the caramel corn into a cute and festive tray and it makes the perfect present!

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    Christmas Q&A

    You know those awkward conversations you have with strangers? Things you talk to cashiers about, things you talk to someone else in the store about? Do you ever just get caught talking to total strangers? It somehow is ALWAYS happening to me. I am someone who loves to keep to myself, especially in public. Here are some of the classic Christmas questions I have been asked over the years, mostly by complete strangers.

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