WonTon Soup Recipe

    Want a delicious and healthy recipe with NO story of why it is my favorite?  Follow along. Make sure to let me know if you try it and what you think!

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    Three Things Thursday

    1. Caroline and I are both sick. Miserable. Can’t breathe, insanely sore throats, can’t sleep, the whole nine yards.

    2. My dad is back in the hospital. Ugh. He can’t catch a break. His iron levels were at a 4.4, they were shocked he was even able to walk himself into the hospital and hold a conversation. Tonight is his second night there, hopefully he will be able to go home tomorrow. Say a prayer please!

    3. We were supposed to have court mediation today and my ex husband rescheduled it yesterday. Surprise, surprise. Now I’m stuck being legally married to him another month longer.

    This week sucks. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    Target Tuesday

    I’m a failure. I’ve been completely neglecting my target posts. But honestly, I haven’t been finding much there lately. I went this past Thursday and hit the jackpot, through.

    I managed to score some Valentine’s things for 90% off. I bought 3 shirts for $.79 each, 1 sweatshirt for $.99, and countless socks for just 1 dime each.

    I posted the target holiday clearance break down a few posts back, click HERE to check out how to snag deals this good.

    Three Things Thursday

    Not much has been going on around here, so let’s just jump into the highlights over the past week.

    1. We had a Poppet meet up at Happy Hollow! It was a blast and I’m thankful that babywearing has brought so many new people into my life.

    2. I had to get a new phone. My camera stopped working and I had TONS of hardware issues. After taking my phone in, the guy at the Genius Bar explained the cost to fix each issue and it was actually cheaper to trade my broken phone in for $300 towards a new phone. I now have the iPhone XR in yellow. I’ll follow up with a full review of this over the weekend!

    3. This is probably the main highlight of my week. 😂 long story short…my oldest brother is on deployment right now and it was recently his birthday. My middle brother decided to travel to get his favorite dinner and favorite dessert so he can send him pictures of it saying “happy birthday”. Totally a jerk move, but what else do siblings do? 😂 anyways… this is the best dessert in the world. Kaluha cream pie from Marie Calendar’s. It’s also on sale for $8.99 this month, thank me later. Now the reason I’m so excited about this is because I haven’t had it in years. We grew up all getting it for our birthdays and holidays. Then I moved to North Carolina for 6 years and they didn’t have it there, after moving back a head and a half ago, I still didn’t have it because the Marie Calendar’s in our town closed down. So my brother driving up to get it (just to torture our other brother, mind you) was pretty exciting. He even put a “32” birthday candle in it to add the slightest bit more torture.

    See you back next Thursday!

    Three Things Thursday

    It’s already been another week, and a handful of exciting things have happened. Here are some of our highlights!

    1. It snowed here! It’s uncommon for us to get snow, so this was exciting. Caroline finally got to see the snow, but she fell asleep in the car during our short drive. She didn’t want to play in it and just wanted to be held by mama. Hoping she will enjoy it next time!

    2. I officially took over the social media for Poppet. Poppet is an incredible baby wearing brand which creates gorgeous ring slings. Check out our Instagram and give it a follow!

    3. We went back to court and I we will officially be receiving child support through a temporary order. It’s not much, but it’s a start. Hoping things start to look up for my girl and I!

    Three Things Thursday

    It’s actually hard to believe that is has already been a week since I published my first “Three Things Thursday” post. Here goes my second!

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