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I have teamed up with CaseApp and couldn’t be more excited about it. Continue reading to see a full review and a 20% off discount code.

CaseApp offers two types of products; phone cases and laptop skins. They have a vast range of designs you can choose from as well as the opportunity to completely customize your own iPhone case or laptop skin.

First, shipping. I received my product within a few days of ordering. As a member of Amazon Prime, I usually expect product to come quickly but I am always waiting for at least a week for most of my online orders to come in. My CaseApp case and skin came in about 2 business days.

Phone Case: the case is very smooth and plastic. It has a perfectly snug fit and is very sturdy. I love to pop my cases on and off pretty frequently and have them match my mood or the season and I am so excited to be including this case in my lineup.

Laptop Skin: now this I am OBSESSED with. Unfortunately, the mailman folded the envelop in half and the skin had a very large crease in it. I was very nervous about applying it to my laptop, I had the assumption the crease would still be there. It actually completely smoothed out when applying it and now I can’t tell it was ever even folded. It was extremely easy to apply and all the bubbles are easy to smooth out.

Overall: I am incredibly happy with the product I have received from CaseApp! The quality is superb and the functionality is great.

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iPhone Case ($34)

Get the iPhone case ($34) here
Get the MacBook skin ($29) here
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