Poppet Review

This is going to come as surprise to no one. I think Poppet is amazing.

When I first started baby wearing, I used slings what were known as “crunchy”. Crunchy slings seemed to appear the norm in the baby wearing groups I was in, they required to be broken in to get soft. I didn’t know any better. Fast forward a couple months : I start branching out with brands. I tried about 4 new brands within one month. Many claimed to be pre softened, and they were, but they were still on the more crunchy side.

Then I try Poppet.
Oh. My. God.
Poppet is truly pre softened. I picked my brand new sling up out of the box and it felt incredible. It was like a thin blanket. Quickly, I got it threaded and immediately popped my baby into our new sling. I had the ease of adjusting rather than trying to tug a crunchy sling to tighten, my had an immediate deep seat, and the comfort was outstanding.

The support was similar, if not better, than every sling I have tried previously. The fit felt better because it was able to hug us properly. This brand new sling was my go to sling. I neglected all 20ish of my others because of the ease of my new poppet. I immediately bought more.

Fast forward a few months (again).
Poppet doubles: Are these REALLY doubles? Does this sling REALLY have two layers of fabric? Are these still outrageously soft? Yes, yes, and yes.

All doubles offer more support for longer carries and/or heavier babies. The problem with MOST doubles is that they are so dang hard to use. They aren’t manageable. It can be difficult to “break them in” and it can be difficult to thread them. Poppet doubles are another story. Threading a poppet double comes with ease and there is no requirement to break them in.

A bit about the brand – poppet offers pre softened ring slings. The fabric is sourced from Europe, then dyed and pre softened in California. The rings are 100% aluminum and specifically made for baby wearing. They are ASTM/CPSIA Compliant & a BCIA Member. They donate a percentage of monthly profits to charity. They come in three different lengths so anybody can achieve the beautiful long tail look. They are ethically handmade in San Francisco, CA.

Poppet Dumfries – herringbone – $139.95
Poppet Osborne – single layer $79.95
Poppet Viola – double layer 139.95

*this is an un sponsored post. These opinions are 100% my own.

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