Three Things Thursday

Round three of three things Thursday already! These weeks really fly by. Here is what we have been up to.

  1. I did a massive purge! I went through all our clothes and donated a bunch, as well as brought all Caroline’s next size clothing out of storage.
  2. Caroline has been on a sleep strike. Send help. And coffee.
  3. Poppet hosted a Galentine’s event. We used elfster, and they paired you up with a match. I was paired with a toddler mom with a bun in the oven who loves Harry Potter. I gifted her some HP socks, nail polishes, bows for her daughter, and a paci clip for her little bun. My friend, Jacquie, was paired with me. She is local and we were able to meet up so she can hand it off. I was gifted adorable coffee cups, chai tea (YUM!), and short bread cookies!

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