Three Things Thursday

I have been so busy lately that it has been hard for me to actually sit down and write a blog post. My spare time, I’m just wanting to relax and play with my little girl. Now, I plan to make a special post for Thursday’s–kind of like Target Tuesday, but hopefully I’ll have the time to post each Thursday. My target Tuesday posts have been slacking lately, whoops! In these new weekly posts, I’ll post three highlights or important pieces of the week.

Time to start my first Three Things Thursday!

1. I finally had court for custody and child support. Unfortunately, things are being delayed and we have court again next month. Hopefully we can get something temporary ordered so I have some financial support from my soon to be ex husband.

2. We are planning on having a girls trip up to the snow, so I’ve been buying a few cooler weather items for my girl. So many places are out of stock in store, so hopefully I can get some cute options online. I have an adorable jacket on its way from Old Navy. I ordered a size up so we can layer a lot and it will hopefully fit next winter, too. Can’t wait to see Caroline as a little snow bunny! If you have snow snow outfit recommendations, please drop them in the comments!

3. We bought a pass to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo! We have been quite a few times already and figured it’s best to go ahead and by the pass, it’s only $45! Now we can go as often as we’d like and only have to pay parking. Happy hollow has adorable rides as well as a petting zoo and rescued wild animals.

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