Target Tuesday vol. 5

This is a big one : holiday clearance schedule! Learn how to save up to 90% off after a holiday. With Christmas TOMORROW, these deals are coming soon. 

I have always been into shopping holiday clearance. I got Christmas lights for my house for 90% off, heck, I got triple the strands I actually need for my house for 90% off. But I can’t pass up those deals.

These discounts are for items found up in the Bullseye spot and the seasonal section. Not all products i.e. stationary/crafts, some home items found in the home (not holiday) section are included.

Full disclaimer: this is not for all stores, but it does apply to most.

1 Day after Holiday:  30% off edible (food or candy), 50% off everything else.
3-4 Days after Holiday: 50% edible, 75% off everything else.
1 Week after Holiday:  75% edible, 90% off everything else.

Now go snag some amazing deals, don’t forget to share what you scored!

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