Christmas Tree Farm

We have a fake tree. We have always had a fake tree. But, there is something just SO amazing about a real Christmas Tree. I just don’t love the after Christmas clean up. 

My girl LOVES to be outside, what better playgrounds are there then they found in nature? I knew she would have fun there, but she had the BEST time.

The local farm I took her to has the classic option to cut your own tree down as well as the option to buy tree they had cut as well. She ran and jumped through the mud and got messy. I decided to take her into their little store to hopefully help her wind down. Once we got back outside, she started wandering through the precut trees. She love this even more. The precut trees were like a maze to her. She found all the bowls with water from trees already bought and decided to splash around, pour the water all over. She had the best time. It was cool out, but not cold so I let her just do her thing. 

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