DIY Mama & Me Scarfs | No Sew

Who doesn’t love matching with their mini me? I for one, am matching with my daughter her constantly. We almost always wear the same color as well as frequently wear the same print. 

Follow along for this INSANELY easy DIY new sew mama and me scarf tutorial. 

Honestly, you can do this in just one step. Cut fabric. Since it is not being sewn, it is entirely up to you if you want to wash it or not. 

I purchased some thin flannel with a tartan plaid print on it. I wanted 1.5 yards, but all what was left on the bolt was 1 yard, so that was all I got. Once I got home, I figured out which side was shorter, and I cut about an additional 6-8 inches off of that side. I wanted a raw edge scarf, so you do not need to sew this at all. 

The larger piece of fabric is obviously for mama, while the thinner piece is for your mini me. Now since my daughter is only 17 months, I decided instead of wrapping it around her neck like a typical scarf, I would add some snaps to it to lessen any chance of it being a choking hazard. I put her piece of fabric around MY neck and chose to put the two snaps where it the fabric meets on me, that way she had plenty of room around her neck. 

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