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12 Days of Christmas day 4!

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of the classic Santa photo. The Santa’s are always creepy to me. But last year when we were at the mall, I looked at the Santa and he was absolutely adorable. That was when I decided “Okay, let’s do the Santa photos!”

This year, we went back to the same mall to see if they had the same cute Santa. I was so pleased to see he was there. I knew from the start, my daughter would NOT be willing to sit on his lap. I had planned to be in the Santa photo too, or do the style where Santa sits on the floor reading a book. But, the second I took her out of my ring sling, she was not having it. She just knew she was going to go see him, she immediately did not like it.  I started with her on the chair and me standing next to her, Santa stood to the side and slowly came closer. She hopped off the chair and ran straight for me. Then we moved to me sitting down with her on my lap. She screamed, she tried to run in my arms. The photographer started doing her thing. That’s when Santa said, “well, she’s already crying. Do you want to just do the classic Santa and crying baby photo?” I said “sure, what the heck.” I got up with her and started to give her to Santa. He was smiling at her and was telling her she’s a good girl, offered her a candy cane, and she did NOT have it. But the results were adorable. My daughers 30 seconds of misery turned into hilarious photos she will appreciate when she is older.

Hopefully next year we will get some happy ones with our cute Santa, but really….probably not.

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