Gift Guide for practical STOCKING STUFFERS

12 Days of Christmas day THREE!

I feel like most stocking stuffers are just a waste of money. A bunch of things nobody actually wants or needs. Here is a list of great stocking stuffers what have a good purpose!

Pop Socket are perfect for ANYONE with a phone. There are so many options available, including ones to create your own design.
Pop Socket Car Mount are perfect in addition to a pop socket, or if someone already has one!
Lip balm perfect for those dry and cold winter days! 
Hand Sanitizer to keep all those cold and flu germs away!
Socks to keep those feet warm.
Pens I am really into felt pens for some reason right now. So here are some with fun colors.
Starbucks Giftcard because who doesn’t enjoy that over priced coffee? 
Phone Charger by amazon basics, it is incredibly cheap, lasts, and works as well as the cords what come with your phone 
Gloves keeping your hands warm, but still possible to use your touchscreen devices!

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