DIY Felt Christmas Stockings

For the next 12 days, I will be posting a Christmas themed post EVERY DAY! Starting with Day 1 of our 12 days of Christmas, here are some SUPER easy and cheap DIY Christmas Stockings:

Supplies :
Felt by the yard (I got 1/4 yard and have been able to make 3)
Embroidery Thread
Embroidery Needle
Paper and pen (not required)

1. For the shape of your stockings, grab some paper and a pen and freehand how you would like the shape to be. If you have another Christmas stocking around, you can trace this onto the paper. I did a freehand onto a paper grocery bag. Cut out your stocking pattern. 
2. Fold your felt in half. Trace your pattern onto the felt and cut. Cutting while folded allows for both sides of the stocking to be cut at once. 
3. Cut ONE piece of felt about the same width as the stocking pieces, and about 5-6 inches long (if your stocking is about the size of a traditional stocking).
4. Get the TWO stocking pieces, your needle, and embroidery thread. It is time to start stitching. Doing the blanket stitch is incredibly easy and does not call for any additional machine sewing to hold your stocking together. I sewed with the blanket stitch around ALMOST the entirety of the stocking, leaving just the top 6 inches unsewn. You will come back to this in a bit.
5. Grab your pen and the smaller piece of felt, trace the name you want on the felt. Do NOT write to dark or hard, you won’t want to see the pen mark under the embroidery. 
6. Grab your needle and embroidery thread and embroider the name. I prefer to use a chain stitch that way it is a bit thicker. You can also use a back stitch which a little easier and quicker to do. Both are very simple stitches. 
7. Once the name is embroidered. You can use the blanket stitch to secure this piece to the remainder of the stocking. 
8. Add any embellishments! I chose to add this pompom trim to the bottom of the “folded” part of the stocking, as well as some poms made with yarn. 

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