Target Tuesday vol. 3

Well, once again, Black Friday was a major BUST. The only thing I was interested in was being eligible for the coupon. 20% off your entire purchase? Yes please.

I somehow, even though I didn’t mean to, managed to get THREE of these coupons. Once when shopping for myself, once when shopping with my grandma, and once while shopping with my mom. And since I go to Target FAR more frequently than my mother and my grandma, they gave me those coupons. YAY!

Everything I ended up purchasing though? Random stuff. Ya know…cat litter, snacks, food for my baby. All things what are not needed immediately, but you buy them anyways? Just for the future 20% off coupon.

Cyber Monday, however. Ohhhhh girl. An extra 15% off online? Sign me up. I bought another car seat. Over $2oo usually but after the sale plus extra 15% off it ended up being only $115, and it is the carseat we already use for my 16 month old which means I already know it is safe and comfy.  I also bought some cute clothes for myself. BOGO 60% off PLUS the extra 15% off. Lord have mercy. Although these do not still have this same sale, I will link the items!

I will do a try on once I receive all these items!

Knox Rose Dark Tan cardigan
Knox Rose Light Tan Cardigan
Wild Fable Lavender Pull Over
Universal Threads Cream Pull Over

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