A Few Reasons Why I Love Ring Slings

Babywearing, almost every parent does it. But there are SO many different ways to wear your baby, all which are great for different reasons. My favorite method: the ring sling.

First, the ease. I find ring slings to be the quickest to get set up and your baby or toddler in. Need to adjust? It is as simple as slightly lifting the rings to loosen, or pulling part of the tail to tighten.

Second, the comfort. I am asked frequently how I am so comfortable while baby wearing. While wearing properly, the weight is even distributed across your back. Nine times out of ten, I can hardly feel my toddler strapped to my chest.

Thirdly, the bond. We have been slinging for 16 months. Since my daughter was 2 weeks old. If she is fussing, she calms right down when she gets inside. She has the comfort of mama holding her and she can feel, hear, smell mama.

Next, easy to do a nap transfer. It is as easy as loosening the rings enough to slide over your head, then just place baby inside their crib.

Continued, the safety. Knowing where my baby is at all times–being out in public with no fear of her hurting herself or making a run for it, no fear of strangers trying to be overly friendly and touch her, and more.

I plan to create a post on HOW to properly sling. I am NOT a baby wearing educator, but I am frequently asked by friends and followers if I can help troubleshoot the sling. Please, do not hesitate reaching out and asking for a fit check or for tips on how to find comfort in the sling.

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