Target Tuesday vol.1

Who doesn’t love Target? I know I go there way too frequently and purchase way too many things that I don’t need. So every Tuesday, I plan to share some of my favorite finds at Target.

Today our target trip was super quick. We went in for a few groceries and managed to escape without getting too many unnecessary items. The air quality has been pretty bad due to the devastating fires about 200 miles north of us, so I definitely wanted to get back home and out of the outside air.

Like always, our first stop was the bullseye spot where they have the cute $1-$7 items. We found adorable board puzzles for just $3. They are perfect for my 16 month old and can also make great little additions to Christmas gifts. My girl picked out the princess and unicorns, what can i say-she’s all girl. I also grabbed one of the alphabet for future learning purposes as well as an adorable “pet store” themed one for a gift. 3 puzzles, $9? That’s my sort of deal.

I made my way through women’s clothing and thankfully, there were no sales. So I skipped even trying things on. I refuse to buy clothing from Target at full price, there is always a weekly sale or cartwheel deal right around the corner. We then walked through toys and I scouted out some cute Christmas gifts, which will come in a later gift guide post.

Finally we made it back to Christmas! I have all the decor and a tree so I’m fully content there, but I always like to see the little stocking stuffers they have. Immediately, Caroline spotted the Minnie Mouse, and my mama heart couldn’t say no. This cute little Minnie Mouse is only $4.99, which is pretty similar compared to the $12.99 Minnie we almost got over the weekend. How cute is this girl? She immediately gave Minnie some kisses.

We eventually made it to groceries to grab the few items we can in for. And got out of there with spending less than $25. Is that even heard of–a target trip costing less than $25? Major win in my book.

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  • Reply Calista

    I love this concept! I was just at Target and didn’t see those puzzle books and now I’m mad because we need them! Guess I will have to go back. Haha! I am super excited to read all your future Target Tuesday Posts!!

    November 14, 2018 at 5:32 am
    • Reply laura

      They are so cute! They have a few different options including the Princess, alphabet, vet office, colors, and I think a few more! I’ll be going back for some of the other wooden toys in the same area. 😍

      November 14, 2018 at 5:35 am

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