DIY Leggings with NO Pattern

One of my favorite things to do is to make my daughter clothing and accessories what you can’t find in store.  I recently started making her leggings with these fun prints I have found at fabric stores. Follow along to learn just how easy it is to make leggings with NO pattern.

First, you will need:
1. an existing pair of leggings you want to copy for size.
2. paper, I use a paper grocery bag
3. scissors and a marker
4. a sewing machine and/or a serger
5. pre-washed knit fabric

Let’s get started.

Step ONE:

-Get your existing leggings, paper grocery bag, scissors, and marker.
-Deconstruct the bag so it fits the length of leggings.
-Fold leggings in half and trace onto the bag. Trace an additional 1/2 inch to 1 inch for a -seam allowance.
-Cut out the DIY pattern you just traced.
*add the size you just cut out for any future use. Write “cut on fold” on the straight edge of your new pattern so you can ensure you cut the fabric the correct way.

Step TWO:
-Grab your fabric and fold in half. Grab your pattern and ensure the straight cut is on the fold.
-You can start cutting the first leg now OR you can add an additional fold of fabric so you can cut both legs at once. If you cut one leg at a time, you will cut through only two layers of fabric. If you cut both legs at once you will be cutting through four layers of fabric.
*The butt of your pattern will be the side with the cut

-Grab your existing leggings and measure the length of the waist band.
Example: The leggings I used had an 8 inch waist. Double the length of the waist and        subtract an inch. This is so the waist is snug and the leggings stay on. If you do not subtract the inch, the leggings will slide down immediately.
-Now you will make a cut of fabric six inches tall combined with the length you measured. (Mine ended up being 6 inches x 15 inches, but yours will differ debating on size leggings you are making.)

*These will be high waisted leggings, if you don’t want them as high, cut only 5 inches tall!

Step FOUR: Now you are ready to sew!

-Grab one of your two legs. Fold the bottom of the leg about 1/4 inch so both “wrong” sides of fabric are touching. (the wrong side would  be the reverse side of the print, or the inside of the leggings)
-Place the fabric under the sewing machine foot with the “wrong side” facing up and just the small fold of the “right side” facing up as well.
-Sew from end to end, creating the ankle seam of your leggings
-Repeat with the second leg.

STEP FIVE: I switch from sewing machine to serger here.
-Fold first leg in half lining ends of fabric up.
-Serge from the “point”,  in the fabric, down t0 the new seam you just sewed. It is important that you do not serge the entire cut of fabric, only the leg portion.
-Repeat on second leg.

-Grab one leg and flip it right side out.
-Stuff one leg inside of the other, making sure the two seams line up and the ankle seams line up.
-Carefully serge the V of the two legs together. This becomes the crotch of your leggings.

Step SEVEN:-Flip the leggings so they are right side out. Now it is looking like leggings! You’re almost done.
-Grab the piece of fabric you cut for the waist band. Fold it in half so the “right sides” touch, and the “wrong side” is outside.
-Serge the length of the six inch sides together. Fold back out so the seam is now on the inside, and the right side is facing you.
-Fold in half so the two wrong sides touch. Put this around the leggings so all of the raw edges are lined up.
*remember that this fabric was cut an inch shorter, it will be smaller!

Step EIGHT: Almost done!
-With the raw sides of the waist band and leggings touching, line the seam of the waist band up with a seam from the leggings.
-Start surging  the two pieces of fabric together starting at the seam. This will be THREE layers of fabric(one side of the leggings, and one folded waist band which has two layers.)
-Serge along the whole perimeter of the raw edges! Ensure you are pulling on the waistband slightly creating a tension.
-Serge all the way around until completed!
-Flip the waistband back out and you are done!

And there you have it, one pair of leggings without a pattern! I hope you enjoy making these sweet little leggings as much as I do.

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